Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review: Classical Education (WeE Book) by Kate Kessler

Classical Education by Kate Kessler consists of an interview with Classical home school mother, Christine Miller. The interview begins with an introduction to Christine and shares about her website, Classical Christian Homeschooling, located at http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/index.html. It then moves on to discuss how she and her husband implemented Classical education with their own children. In the article it mentioned how closely related the Classical method is to the Charlotte Mason method. Christine says, "
Classical education matures as the child matures, and so remains challenging for them from K through 12." But as Christine mentioned, "it takes dedication" - by the parents and the students. One has to be willing to study along side their child.

Suggested readings for learning more on Classical education, were that of H.A. Guerber (which you can locate at http://www.nothingnewpress.com/index.shtml. I might also mention that there is a wonderful list of 1000 good books to read (broken down by grade levels) on Christine's website.

This article was very enlightening and I found it to give great information regarding Classical education. You can purchase this WeE book from http://www.theoldschoolhousestore.com/.

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